Fixed Income

Terms of reference


1. To critically examine developments in and operations of the bond market with a view to identifying its strengths and weakness.
2. To suggest ways of developing the various segments of the bond markets including the Federal, Sub-National or Municipal, Government Agency and Corporate bonds segments.
3. To advise the CMC and the Commission from time to time on ways to improve the depth and breadth of the Nigerian Fixed Income Market.
4. To identify, support and ensure development of products relevant to the Nigerian fixed income market.
5. To identify, support and ensure the development of market infrastructure required to enhance the Nigerian fixed income markets.
6. To identify challenges and proffer solutions towards ensuring stable and vibrant primary and secondary fixed income market.
7. To collaborate with the MOF, DMO, CBN and other relevant stakeholders on the need to ensure effective operations of the Nigerian fixed income market.

8. To work on creating and sustaining robust platforms for the training of fixed income securities in Nigeria.
9. To assess the best regulation mechanisms that would allow the regulators respond optimally to ongoing developments in respect of fixed income securities.

10. To proffer mechanisms for increasing the issuance of fixed income securities, including the issuance of asset backed (mortgage) bonds and the securitization of loans.
11. To examine processes for standardization of market practices for fixed income securities and fixed income derivatives and,

12. To promote and develop strategies to strengthen an SRO for fixed income securities and fixed income derivatives.

13. To carry out any other assignments given by the CMC in the interest of the Nigerian fixed income market.