Commodities/ Equities and Exchanges

Terms of reference


1. Diagnostic review of all Exchanges in Nigeria

– On the state of Nigerian equities and commodities exchanges

– To advise on the relevance and appropriateness of application for Exchange licensing and make recommendations to the SEC

2. Operations review, rules and regulations of both the SEC and the respective Exchanges and make recommendations thereof

– Operations review to comment on efficiency/effectiveness and compliance with set rules and regulations

– Review of existing SEC rules/regulations on the operations of Exchanges

– Review of the existing rules /regulations of the operating exchanges

3. Market development and deepening

– Act as a think tank for the incubation of ideas that would transform the exchanges

– Review existing products and processes and propose amendments/reform that may be necessary

– Review in conjunction with the New products & Business Development Sub-Committee on the suitability and timeliness of new products in the Nigerian Capital Market

4. Benchmarking global best practices

– Engage in comparative analysis of Exchanges globally and review international best practices