Product and Business development

Terms of reference


1. Identify new opportunities to increase the breadth and depth, as well as the liquidity of the capital market with the introduction of new products and the continuous improvement of existing products and processes.

2. Identify and propose reform new asset classes and products that are relevant to Nigeria’s economic development at all times. Research and keeping tab with global best practice would be relevant in this area.

3. Develop a framework or process for introducing new products and forward the same to the Rules sub-committee of the CMC for further review and feedback.

4. Advise on conformity with global best practice on new and existing products and processes in the market.

5. Review all new products and processes developed/suggested for the market from all sources.

6. Review all existing products and processes and propose amendments (where necessary) from time to time.

7. Disseminate materials on identified products and processes as would be relevant to Nigeria and to promote market education and awareness.

8. Advise the SEC on steps and procedures that would lead to or facilitate the launch of identified new products and processes.

9. Carry out other assignments as may be given to it by the CMC from time to time to promote the interest of the Nigerian capital market.