Capital Market Master Plan

Terms of reference


1. Review the implementation progress of “Nigeria’s Capital Market: Making World Class Potential a Reality” and outline milestones yet unachieved.

2. Conduct a holistic review of peer emerging markets with a view to articulating the requisite element, size and structure of a capital market that will enhance the global competitiveness of the Nigerian capital market and catalyze Nigeria’s potential to become the largest economy in Africa within the focused period.

3. Examine successful growth strategies in other jurisdictions and articulate a development strategy for the Nigerian capital market covering key areas such as investor protection and education, professionalism, product innovation and expansion of the role of the capital market in economic development.

4. Consider relevant factors that impact market growth and develop a strategy for robust governance for improved efficiency, transparency and enhancement of market stability

5. Make necessary recommendations with clear and actionable quarterly and annual milestones that will lead to a world class capital market which supports an inclusive economy and improves the living standard of Nigerians.